Do you need a truck repair loan to support or grow your trucking business?

Or, do you just need some additional cash? If you own a commercial vehicle, we offer the perfect solution: Commercial Truck Title Loans.

At Tucker Capital, we’ve been providing commercial vehicle title loans for owner-operators and transportation companies since 1996. We understand, unlike many traditional lending institutions, that finance in the trucking industry is different. We specialize in financing commercial and semi truck title loans to help get you cash, fast!

We routinely work with clients who have less-than-perfect credit. But that’s okay! We believe that everyone should have access to the money they need to grow and maintain their business!

How does a semi truck title loan work?

A semi truck title loan is a type of secured loan that’s perfect for people that own their commercial vehicle and need money. Quite simply, you, the commercial vehicle owner, provide the title to a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle that you own free and clear. This truck title is used as collateral to secure the loan.

The best part about a commercial truck title loan? The borrower is allowed to keep using the truck as long as the account remains in good standing. So you don’t need to worry about giving up a vehicle that you need to make a living.

All trucks and trailers under this program are based on fair market value and must pass our inspection process.

We’ve helped thousands of clients since we started lending in 1996. Find out what Tucker Capital can do for you. Fill out the application form or call us today (503) 227-3153!


  • Direct Lender – No Middle Man
  • Simple, Easy Process
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  • Fast Approvals
  • No Minimum Credit Score
  • Bad Credit is Not a Road Block
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