Commercial and Semi Truck Financing

Are you looking for the freedom and benefits of becoming an owner-operator, but you’re unable to secure commercial truck leasing?

Since 1996, Tucker Capital, Inc. has been offering comprehensive semi truck financing and leasing services. We specialize in working with individuals and companies who have less than perfect credit, so even if your loan application has been turned down by the bank or if you’ve turned away while attempting to get financing at the dealership, we may be able to provide a solution that will work for you.

Tucker Capital’s team is highly experienced in the trucking industry and works with aspiring commercial truck owner-operators and companies by structuring financing to meet their unique needs, even in cases where there are credit challenges or no credit. We work hard to ensure you enjoy a streamlined commercial truck and semi truck financing application process, along with a prompt review and approval process.

At Tucker Capital, we understand the trucking industry and therefore, our approval process is quite different than traditional finanical institutions. Whether you are looking to lease a new or used semi truck or own your semi truck(s) and are looking for a title loan, we use a number of different approaches to structure a semi truck financing arrangement including down payments, payment structure and collateral.

At Tucker Capital, we provide assistance every step of the way when it comes to truck sales, leasing and loans and even finding work, as Tucker Capital is always seeking new owner-operators to lease on!

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Commercial and Semi Truck Leasing

Commercial truck leasing is one of the easiest ways into truck ownership—especially if you have less-than-perfect credit. At Tucker Capital, we have been providing financing for truckers and trucking companies since 1996 and we understand that you are more than a credit score. We specialize in providing semi truck leases for owner-operators and trucking companies with bad credit.

Our commercial truck leases are full payout leases where you own the truck after all the monthly payments have been made and there aren’t any balloon payments due at the end of the lease! Our approval process is streamlined in order to get you fast approval and fast funding so you can get on the road and making money.

We focus on your future, not your past

At Tucker Capital, we understand the needs of individual owner operators and small to midsize trucking companies. Being a direct lender allows us to be flexible and creative when developing finance solutions. Our leasing professionals will work with you to develop a solution that best meets your business goals.

Full Payout Lease

The full payout lease, also know as the dollar buyout lease or capital lease, is similar in many ways to a loan where at the end of the lease, you own the leased equipment, but doesn’t require a large down payment. The lease term is generally 12 to 72 months, but can be longer for newer semi trucks.

The lease agreement generally includes:

  • Acquisition cost of the equipment
  • Cost of financing overhead
  • An acceptable return on investment

Financing overhead can include:

  • Delivery transportation costs
  • Licensing and registration costs

Whether you are new to the road, an experienced owner-operator or a trucking company looking to add rigs, we will work hard to get you financed. We have a number of dependable used trucks for sale, we can finance a private party purchase and we can package a truck/trailer combination in one lease. Our team of leasing professionals are highly experienced and ready to help you through the process.

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